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Israel’s Side in the Middle East Conflict

 Ever since the late forties there has been trouble in the Middle East. The Arabs, Jewish people and the Muslims have all claimed this area as their Holy Land and say that they have a claim to the area by divine intervention.

 In the late forties the country of Israel was formed and control was given to the Jewish population. Then through a very complicated series of events, there ended up being two main groups of people vying for power and control of one the most important city in the world from a religious standpoint, Jerusalem.

 Another complicating part is that due to its religious significance people of all three backgrounds take pilgrimages there every year. In today’s era the two sides still having a conflict are the Israelites and the Palestinians. Both claim the land in and around what is known as the Gaza Strip and there has been many a conflict over this area.

The people of Israel seem to favor having a two state area, meaning that part of the area will belong to Israel and part will belong to the Palestine people. While this solution seems to make sense and should bring the whole conflict to an end it is not that easy.

 First no one can agree on where the border between Israel and the new Palestine state would be. Second as soon as the two sides come close to an agreement, then the Arabs and the other interested parties stir up problems and renew hostilities. In other words there seems to be many different sides in the conflict, and one wonders if their will ever be total peace.

 It is not for lack of trying that there has not been a solution as there was a group of concerned countries that where acting as mediators on the negotiations until one side would do something the other did not like and then the negotiations would break off.

 Finding a solution to any problem is always possible as long as the decision makers are motivated to find a solution, what has to be taken into account with the situation in the Middle East is that not everyone is as motivated as they should be to find a solution to this problem.

 Is there an answer in the Middle East? Perhaps there is, however is there ever going to be an Israel, Jerusalem that does not need to be worried about the Palestinians? The solution to this problem will never be settled until everyone involved decides that it is time for peace. Is it possible?

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