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Hackers escalate cyber war against Israel

Hackers escalate cyber war against Israel

Israel continues to face cyber terrorism as a network of Saudi Arabian hackers, known by the name “nightmare group,” managed to shut down the websites of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Israel’s national airline, El Al.

A group of Israeli hackers named “Israel Defenders” struck back by bringing down the websites of Saudi Arabia’s monetary agency and Abu Dhabi’s security exchange. Israeli and Saudi hackers have been going back and forth with cyber attacks for a number of weeks.

Saudi hacker 0xOmar (not to be confused with the Israeli hacker known as 0xOmer) has warned that he will continue the cyber-attacks against Israel until the Israeli government apologizes for the “genocide of the Palestinian people.” A pro-Israeli hacker named Hannibal shot back that if the Saudis continue their attacks, he could retaliate by publishing banking information of four million Arabs as well as credit information of ten million Arabs.

Cyber attack now joins violence, propaganda, and political warfare as another tool for Israel’s enemies to use against her. Like it or not, Israelis will have to adjust to this new reality. If the actions of Israel’s cyber warriors are any indication, they already are.

Author: Amichai Farkas | January 17, 2012
Posted in:  Saudi Arabia
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