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About Israel

My last two blogs have featured the State of Israel.  I believe the world press tends towards anti-Israel for a variety of reasons. Oil, for instance; the world needs it and the Arab countries have it so the world must stay on friendly terms with them because of it. Israel has only a few friends and many enemies. The question is WHY? Do you know why people hate the Jews, what have they done to you?

Palestinians are taught to hate the Israelis. It’s fairly obvious that they are brain washed from an early age. Watch the news and documentaries on the subject and you will see children, some even toddlers, carrying anti-Israel placards. One recent photo in Trafalgar Square, London, shows a 10-12 year old boy holding up the incendiary statement, FOR WORLD PEACE ISRAEL MUST BE DESTROYED”. What kind of mind does that child have? How can you possibly have peace in the middle east when that kind of hatred is being taught. No matter how much land the Israelis release to the Palestinians, it will not bring them one step closer to peace. And why should Israel release any land after all? It is not them who were attacking, It was the Arab world trying to obliterate another race. And, surely, every person/country has the right to defend themselves.

Hitler tried the same thing with the Jews in Europe. Arab schools do not teach about the Holocaust. Nor for that matter do many western schools. Some even claim that it ever happened. Go to Auschwitz and have a look at the museum. My father-in-law was one of the first British soldiers to enter that camp after its `management’ retreated. The horror of it stayed with him for the rest of his life.

I highly recommend the book, Jacobs Courage by Charles S. Weinblatt. It’s a love story set in the middle of the Holocaust,  available at Amazon, Barns and Noble, Smashwords and many others. See more details at http://youtu.be/GHqowym6wyU

We could all do well to learn this simple message: `Love thy neighbour. Hate destroys but love conquers all.’

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