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What do the Arabs of East Jerusalem really want ? by David Pollock

The following is taken from the newspaper ISRAEL & Christians Today, an international paper published in Europe, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South East Asia, Uganda and the USA. web site:http://www.c4israel.org

What do the Arabs of East Jerusalem really want?

By David Pollock

According to face-face surveys conducted according to the highest international standards, more Palestinians in East  Jerusalem would prefer to become citizens of Israel rather than citizens of a new Palestinian state. In addition 40 percent said they would probably or definitely move in order to live under Israeli rather than Palestinians rule.

44 percent of the Palestinians in Jerusalem say they are very or at least somewhat satisfied with their standard of living. This is a very high percentage compared to other populations in the Arab world. Only about 30 percent sympathize with either Fatah or Hamas or with the Israeli Arab Islamic movement. Politics is not a major preoccupation.

Three-quarters of east Jerusalem Arabs are at least a little concerned,  and more than half are more than a little concerned, that they would lose their ability to write and speak freely if they became citizens of a Palestinian state rather than remaining under Israeli control.

Significantly 41 percent thought that armed conflict probably or definitely would continue even after a peace agreement, and this is from the most moderate population of Palestinians. Only a third say that a unilateral declaration of Palestinian independence backed by the UN would have a positive effect on their lives. Two-thirds say that such a unilateral step would have no positive effect.

For people who tend to assume that a fair and practical solution for the Jerusalem issue is for the Arab neighborhoods to become part of Israel, these findings suggest that this could be somewhat problematic from the point of view of the people who actually live in east Jerusalem. End.

Taken from Wikipedia

According to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, the Arab population of Israel in 2010 is estimated at 1,573,000, representing 20.4% of the population.[4] The majority of these identify themselves as Arab or Palestinian by nationality and Israeli by citizenship.[5][6][7] Many have family ties to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, as well as to Palestinian refugees in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon. Negev Bedouins tend to identify more as Israelis than other Arab citizens of Israel.[8]

Most of the Arabs living in East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, occupied by Israel since the Six-Day War of 1967, were offered Israeli citizenship, but refused, not wanting to recognize Israeli sovereignty. They became permanent residents.[9] They are entitled to municipal services and have municipal voting rights.[10]

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