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Quantum Factors-Stress-Related

Recently read a book “God And The Quantum Factor” by Chris Sherborne. It’s a Christian based e-book with wide-ranging views on living the good life,Love, Peace, Faith. Chris shows us the way to relax, de-stress, meditate and proper in so many ways. Below is a chapter from her book with her permission, which can be found on Amazon Kindle store.



Tap into the extraordinary Energy of the Universe to attract Peace and Abundance into your life.


God created this amazing universe we live in, and ‘God And The Quantum Factor’ explains how some of the latest scientific discoveries are beginning to realize the fantastic power which makes the universe run, and how you can utilize some of this wonderful power to improve your life.


Within this book you will discover comprehensive knowledge of the Universal Laws, Powerful Prayers, Religious and Metaphysical Techniques to give you the tools you need to change every area of your life.


This comprehensive life manual is filled with practical ideas and behaviours which you can incorporate into your daily life, to gradually change any situation that you want to. Knowledge is power, and this book will reveal many immutable laws that you may unwittingly be colliding with, causing blockages to your success. Using the laws instead of opposing them will enable you to move smoothly towards your goals.


As you apply each technique or suggestion to individual situations, you will be amazed at the astonishing improvements in your success.


If you would like to invite success, abundance and peace into your life you will find the all the techniques you need within these pages to make your dreams come true.

ISBN 978-1-921501-21-0



Web Site: http://www.colourstory.com/

Chapter One

The rest of your life – stress and struggle, or peace and joy?


Life is demanding in today’s complex society, and we are all searching for ways to smooth our path so that we are able to enjoy not only prosperity, but peace and harmony in our lives.


Life isn’t easy. Many people suffer stress, depression, fears and insecurity just because of the pace and complexity of modern life, making it difficult to cope and causing depression, breakdowns and illnesses.


Most people have forgotten what it feels like to wake up in the morning and look forward to a wonderful, interesting, creative day, and how to live and enjoy a life of peace and happiness.

There is Hope!


If you see yourself described above, don’t panic! This book has been written to offer you hope and a joyful, fulfilling future, by giving you tools and techniques to use which can help you to change and improve your life.


Even if life seems pretty good at the moment, it can always be improved, and you cannot know what will happen to you in the future, so it is important to be prepared.

Go with the flow


This is not just another vague self-help book. I am not promising “health, wealth and happiness” just by following a few simple rules, or thinking in the right way, but if you follow the suggestions and gain the knowledge you need you will most certainly show huge improvements in every area of your life.


What I do offer is the opportunity to improve in almost every area, by ‘going with the flow’ of the universe instead of trying to constantly swim against the current. Take advantage of other people’s research, trials and errors and mistakes, to help plan and design your own life to run in tune with the Universe instead of constantly fighting against it.

Universal Laws and the secrets to utilizing their power


Chapter two lists several natural laws, which govern the way the universe works. By gaining some understanding of these laws, and using the valuable tools which are described in Chapter three, you can ease your passage through life, by working with instead of against the universe.


To fully use the tools, you need to have some understanding of the laws which govern the universe. Many people do not know about these laws, and therefore do not discover the tools which could ease their burdens and give them success in their daily life.


My desire in writing this book is to explain these natural and supernatural laws to you, and guide you into using the tools which are available, to ease the stresses and fears in your life and to give you guidance into achieving a more successful and satisfying life for yourself and your family.


The tools described in Chapter three work by taking advantage of these natural and supernatural laws which were put into place at the beginning of time, and they enable us to work with these laws to have peace and joy and deal with almost any situation that we face.

The Construction of the Universe


The Laws of the Universe exist whether you believe in them or not. You could say you do not believe in the Law of Gravity, but if you jump from a high building, Gravity will surely prove itself to you.


The following is only a very simple outline of what we understand about the construction of the universe, but I think it helps to explain how seemingly unconnected things can be linked.


We live in a world which is not what it seems. All matter is made up of atoms, which combine together to form molecules. The atom was thought to be the smallest particle that could exist, but then it was discovered that the atom consisted of a core, or nucleus, with electrons orbiting like moons around it.


The nucleus also consists of Protons and Neutrons, which combine in many different ways to produce all the elements that make up the universe we are familiar with. Just as the atom was originally thought to be the smallest non-divisible unit, so the neutrons and protons until 1968 were thought to be the smallest unit of matter, but with the advent of Quantum Physics, it has been discovered that protons and neutrons also contain particles called quarks, with each proton and neutron containing 3 quarks.


I say that the universe is not what it seems, because all matter is, on a molecular level, mostly space. In an atom, the electrons orbit the nucleus like the moon around the earth, but to give you some idea of scale, more than 20 million hydrogen atoms would take up less than a millimeter, and most of that would be space. Because the protons are electrically charged, the space around them is electrically charged, and is affected by other electrical charges from outside.


This in part explains how thoughts, actions and emotions, which all involve electrical charges, can change and affect the world around us.

The God Particle

“They call it the God particle: a mysterious sub-atomic fragment that permeates the entire universe and explains how everything is the way it is. Nobody has ever seen the God particle; some say it doesn’t exist but, in the ultimate leap of faith, physicists across the world are preparing to build one of the most ambitious and expensive science experiments the world has ever seen to try to find it.” – David Adam, The Guardian, August 21, 2004

Scientists are designing a huge machine, more than thirty kilometers in length, to try to prove the existence of the ‘Higgs Boson’, which they believe is the glue which holds the universe together.

This is just an example of how science is still making new discoveries which change our view of reality and the world and how it works.

What is reality?


What has all this to do with how you feel? Let me explain. In Quantum Physics experiments, scientists have found that energy and sub-atomic particles do not behave in a reliable or predictable manner. These particles are so small, that we only know they are there by the effect they have on surrounding particles. To prove their existence, in effect we have to change them, to see the effect on the surrounding matter.


By changing them, we are actually changing reality, because the changes in the minute particles change the surrounding ones, and so on. This can be said to produce several ‘realities’, where the very act of trying to observe particles changes them such that a new ‘reality’ has been created.


In experiments, scientists have observed these minute energy particles disappear and reappear in a different place. This gives us some indication of the way matter can move around the universe, creating different realities in different places.

What does this mean for you?


This is all very confusing, isn’t it? But I have included it to show that although it doesn’t explain exactly how the laws work, it does show that there is more to reality than we have the capacity in our human brains to understand. Thoughts, for instance, which are electrical charges, even though very weak, can affect other people and even objects as they travel into the ether, and can easily cause a reaction, using the Law of action and reaction.

The Incredible Mind

Our mind is very difficult to understand. Is it contained in our brain? Or does it somehow extend beyond our body? What we do know is that the mind is tremendously powerful, and it is generally recognised that we only utilise a small percentage of its huge capacity.

The Multifaceted Mind

Our mind is split into the conscious, sub-conscious and super-conscious mind. The sub-conscious mind is programmed by influences from the world around us as filtered through the conscious mind, and the sub-conscious mind feeds back to the conscious mind the results of its work on the data supplied. All this will be dealt with in more detail in Chapter four, but for now we need to understand that our reality is as we perceive it, and can be influenced and changed by our thoughts.

Just because we can’t see a particular power it does not mean that it isn’t there and that it can’t work. In the same way that electricity can’t be seen, we know it exists because of cause and effect. Turn on a light switch and the bulb lights up. The electricity cannot be seen activating the light, but we know it has worked. Mind power in the form or cause of prayer, speech, affirmations and thoughts can’t be seen to be working but during the passage of time the effect can be seen, felt and measured.

When we are thinking normally and telling ourselves to write or do the ironing we can see that the mind is working and directing our muscles to activate our hands to perform the tasks we have thought about. Thinking about future things can also put actions into motion through the power of our subconscious mind. There is obviously a time-lapse before we can measure the thought versus the actions that they produce, so we do not so easily see the correlation between the thought process and the result, and the strength of the result depends on the intensity and duration of the thoughts which caused it.

Scientifically we have to put our mind to work and experiment to prove to ourselves that these actions do produce the desired effects into our lives.

Because thoughts can affect others, people can sometimes pick up your thoughts without knowing it, and act upon them. This is one of the ways that your thoughts change the world around you. You may think this is impossible, but it is widely accepted. For instance, how many times have you thought of a person only to have them telephone you shortly afterwards? These ‘powers’ are often more evident in the case of emotional trauma, such as accidents, anger or illness, suggesting that emotion plays a big part in the efficiency of the mind.

We have to be responsible for every thought we think and every word we speak   because, like it or not, they have a huge effect on the happiness we experience. The mind is like a radio transmitter that is constantly sending messages to our subconscious, other people, to God, and into the universe. It makes sense to recognise this and start to train ourselves to be in a position to receive the very best outcomes that we want to experience in our lives.

Body, Soul, Spirit

Human beings consist of body, soul and spirit. Our body experiences the world physically, our soul consists of our ego or personality, which affects the way our body interacts with the world and our spirit, is the part of us that interacts with the Holy Spirit and other people’s spirits, regulating the reactions of our soul. You may question this, but I am sure you have experienced instances when you have met someone for the first time, and either taken an instant liking to them, or have felt something, usually something you can’t explain, which makes you feel uneasy. This is your spirit interacting with their spirit.

We were created to have dominion over the world and its resources. It is only through poor management of these resources that the world suffers famines and lack. If we can learn to live in harmony with the universal laws, we can enjoy a life of abundance, good health and happiness.

Wouldn’t you want to know how to change your life to a more consistent one of happiness and abundance, one of plenty, love and joy? It is possible to achieve this, but it takes time and effort, on a consistent basis to succeed. It takes time and practice to change old habits to produce new ones that are much more enjoyable and workable. Start to practise the Laws that will bring you the life that you desire now. Don’t put it off another day!



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