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Need Help From Toolmakers and Mechanical Engineers

I’m searching for ideas on a gadget device that I believe CEO’s and Managers will find helpful in reducing their work day stress.

The gadget I am looking for needs to be about 200 to 300mm high by 22mm long and no thicker than 70mm, making it suitable for placement on an office deck. It may be enclosed with a perspex front for viewing the movement the designer has created.

The gadget needs to have a moving cycle of between 2-5 minutes. It must run quietly, preferably using AA battery power, and have an on/off switch. It can be powered by other means, eg. 9-volt battery or main transformer but prefer to keep the power supply simple. The more complex the action and movement the better. The movement can be arms carrying a ball vertically or horizontally, or cogs, chains, and/or motors working to perform a task that will last between 2-5 minutes.

I have searched the internet looking for similar gadgets but, besides clock types using ball bearings as a means of recording time, I have not come across anything that is complex and interesting enough to hold the attention.

In the Brisbane airport in Queensland Australia you will find in the public area a large gadget approximately 3m high by 2m wide. It’s powered by a single motor, chain driven and the action consists of  a claw picking up rubber balls (squash balls) and transporting them to the top of the gadget where the balls are dropped to roll, jump, and work their way back to the bottom. It is fascinating to watch. Whoever designed and made it was without doubt a perfectionist. It delights thousands of people who travel through the Brisbane airport.

You may ask what’s the gadget for – what purpose will it serve? My answer has as yet to be proven but I believe that such a gadget will be a useful tool to aid meditation, absorbing the mind by its complexity of movement and subsequently clearing it and allowing natural creativity to perform better at the completion of the cycle than it was doing at the beginning.

I have a particular interest in stress management , possibly because of the 25+ years. See my e-book recommendation below. I have owned my own business and the stresses I have experienced during that time. I do know that stress and anxiety rob us of happiness and life’s joys and impede our efficiency and effectiveness in most areas. I also realise that our lifestyle quality is hampered by wrong-thinking. Without meaning to be we are often our own worst enemies.

I am convinced that freeing the mind of worry and anxious thoughts creates a healthier happier individual.

I hope someone is able to help me with my research. Thank you for reading this article.

This gives you an idea of a gadget that will both amuse and relax you.


Mike Smith Company Director Sales Marketing and Services Speciality: Controlling Stress.

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  2. Jill Lovering
    July 14, 2008 at 7:23 pm

    Hi Mike
    Great looking blog, well done. Can’t wait to read more.

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